Moon Globe KAGUYA

Moon Globe KAGUYA


A Japanese moon explorer KAGUYA brought us detailed information of surface of the moon. This moon globe is based on classification by the height.

Three lava tubes discovered by KAGUYA are written in globe They are considered as most suitable places to make moon bases.

In the back side, highest and lowest points are written.(They are close.) And 6 landing points of the spaceship Apollo are in the front. Between front and back, libration zone is written by brown dotted lines.

The place name is written in European and in Japanese in a row.


    Globe: 30.5cm diameter 1/11,400,000 Acrylic base
    Index attached
    Data : JAXA, National Astronomical Observatory, USGS
    Image processing: Tokai university Research and Information Center(Tric)
    The place name are compiled under supervision of Mr. Motomaro Shirao.